Last updated June 10, 2023.


Kagi is currently my search engine of choice. Results are just as good as DuckDuckGo (and better than Google (hot take)), except you can also choose to rank certain websites higher or hide them altogether, and the lenses feature is great. The only downside I have is that something local like “pizza” shows me pretty random results, so I have to include my location for those ones — but that’s not a big deal.

Code editing

Ocassionally, when massively refactoring, I even crack out IntelliJ! I know, right? It’s crazy!

Productivity & General

Some of my favourite apps are macOS specific:

And some favourites work across devices:

Command-line tools

Sorry, but I love the recent trend to #rewriteitinrust. Lots of the tools I use are modern versions of classic Unix programs.

Homelab / Self-Hosted

I have an Unraid server on which I host a few things. Mostly I use it for Plex, but I also have: