I’m a fullstack software developer focused on maintainable, tested, and feature-complete software.


On teams, I often play a supporting role: writing library functions, refactoring for clarity, extracting reusable components, and architecting new features. However, I’ve recently been the lead mobile dev on a React Native project, so I don’t shy away from feature work.

I’m generally tool-agnostic, I tend to try many tools until I find something just barely complicated enough to satisfy my needs. I think many simple tools are better than few smart tools. What that often means is that I’m open to using any tool that satisfies the job, and I’m willing to learn new tools to get the job done.


Familiar PaaS / IaaS

Tools & utilities

employment history

You could be here!

I’m always looking for new opportunities. If you think I’d be a good fit for your team, send me an email and let’s chat!

GoFetch | Software Engineer

Mar 2021 - Present

MNP | Technical consultant

May 2020 - Feb 2021

Codan Radio Communications | Software Developer Co-op & DevOps Engineer

April 2018 - August 2019