golink xsrf error


A recent update of Tailscale’s excellent golink tool broke creating links for me.

Every time I tried to create a new link, I got an error: “invalid xsrf token”.

I tried restarting my browser, going straight to https://go/ instead of the usual https://go.my-tailnet.ts.com, opening golink in a different browser (Safari, instead of Arc), but all to no avail.

So, I rolled back my Docker container to the previous release (see below). Rolling back, suddenly the app worked again. Great! That makes sense, since the most recent release includes changes to how XSRF/CSRF is handled when adding new links.

However, I rolled forward again, to the latest image. And the app works again normally. I don’t know why. If you run into the same issue as I did with golinks, maybe you need to restart the service? Or roll back & roll forward?

I hope that helps!

The version I rolled back to:

ghcr.io/tailscale/golink@sha256:09c8f79a4b7f908337888e0cb4e2c24ec6bbeadb22b9385fefd9f6ed29f5adfe, which corresponds to this commit.